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Documents supporting the need for retaining existing access points to the River Adur and for a Public Slipway with parking

A considerable amount of effort was expended across many studies into how best to improve the economy and social facilities in and around Shoreham. These studies were carried out by, or on behalf of, Adur District Council(ADC), The Environment Agency (EA) or West Sussex County Council (WSCC). All concluded that providing access to the River Adur would be of benefit to the local community.

Key points: All the reports support access to the River Adur, but none of the recommendations has been inplemented.

In fact, the situation has worsened.

We need your help to encourage ADC and councilors to take positive steps to implement the recommendations.

The information below contains supporting text taken from numerous documents written by, or on behalf of, ADC, WSCC and the EA. References and links are included. As can be seen, it has long been realised that Shoreham lacks usable slipways both for use by local people and to encourage visitors to come to the area. This has an adverse effect on both the local economy and the well being of the residents. The latest report indicates that an economically priced slipway could be constructed at the Adur Recreation Ground.


Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Adopted October 2019

Link to Harbour Joint Area Action Plan

This comprehensive document was developed, over several years, to provide guidance for changes and developments along the westerm arm or the River Adur. Many local businesses, organisations, offical bodies and individuals helped with the content.

There are 16 references to slipways including:

1. Some of the slipways are now only used by light recreational craft yet contribute to the historic character of the town.

2. Development schemes that result in the loss of an existing slipway or hard and that fail to incorporate a new useable slipway (with sufficient parking/turning space) on-site may be expected to contribute towards re-provision of the facility off-site.

3. The Partnership is currently working with the Shoreham Slipways Group to identify a suitable location in the harbour for a new public slipway with sufficient space for appropriately laid out parking.

The development at Stowes Gap is covered by 2. but it is not being applied. It is proving impossible to get this resolution 3. implemented.


Minutes of the WSCC Rights of Way Commmittee May 1999

Link to WSCC Rights of Way Committee Minutes May 1999

During the latter end of the 1990's attempts were made to close the access to the River Adur at Stowes Gap. Objections were raised and the WSCC Rights of Way Committee investigated the situation. After consulting with various individuals and organisations they concluded that:

1. The slipway must remain open for people to launch and recovery of small boats, etc.

2. Other activities being conducted in the area and the accumulation of clutter were not valid reasons to prevent use by the public.


Shoreham Slipway Feasibility Study

Prepared for WSCC by CH2MHill ( formerly Halcrow ) - November 2014

Link to CH2MHIll report

A comprehensive report covering the background issues and considering three possible slipway sites in Shoreham. A copy is attached to this planning application ( Shoreham Slipways Final Report ). It concludes that an effective slipway could be constructed at all three possible sites, namely the Adur Recreation Ground, Ferry Road or along Silver Sands.


A Strategy for Shoreham Renaissance     March 2006

Link to Strategy for Shoreham Renaissance

In section 1.1 of the report it recommended the creation of "a marina and/or slipways"


SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) Study 2001, commissioned by ADC

The report concluded that Shoreham would be best served by multiple public slipways.


Adur Local Plan 1996

The following texts show the lack of slipways is a long standing issue.

"13.58 The public hards located within the Harbour area provide the principal means whereby the public can launch boats into the Harbour. They represent a valuable and historic asset which it is essential to retain. The majority are identified as public rights of way on the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way. The West Sussex County Council as Highway Authority is responsible for maintenance between the public highway and mean high water marks of those hards shown on the Proposals Map."

"13.59 In many cases, the hards are unusable because of poor access, lack of adjacent parking facilities or irregular maintenance (such as clearing of obstacles). Therefore, within the Local Plan area:-


In any proposals for the comprehensive development or redevelopment of land adjacent to any public hard within the Local Plan area, developers will be required to provide improvements to the hard, including access to it, and conveniently sited parking for cars and trailers.

This policy shall not be taken to preclude the re-siting of a public hard (subject to the necessary legal procedures) if this is necessary to produce a satisfactory development or redevelopment, providing the standard and effectiveness of use of the facility remains the same or is improved."

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