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The Shoreham Slipways Group was founded in 2004 to campaign for a public slipway with adequate adjacent parking for cars and trailers. Historically, Shoreham had a wide variety of public slipways and hards. Over the last few decades these have been systamitically closed. The town's main slipway at Ropetackle was rendered useless because no suitable parking was provided when the site was developed. There was a bustling river scene which many of us can remember but all that remains are a few rather old moored boats. The aim of the SSG is therefore to ensure that a replacement public slipway with adequate parking is provided. A viable public slipway would bring many advantages to the area including a much needed boost to the economy because not only would boat owners spend money in local shopes, cafes, etc but visitors would be encouraged to visit again helping the economy.

Several slipway sites have been considered and each has its pros and cons. Ideally, a replacement public slipway should be located downstream of the footbridge. This would allow sailing dinghies as well as power boats to be launched and recovered. Obviously, any slipway must have convenient parking for cars and trailers.

The two possible locations are at Ferry Road ( located on Shoreham Beach close to the Waterside Pub) and Humphrey's Gap ( which is off the A259 close to end of Eastern Avenue i.e. opposite where the Adur Council offices were located). Both sites were used historically for the launching of boats and a slipway at either site would therefore simply be an improvement on what as there historically.

Southern Housing Group has aquired Free Wharf an area that borders both sides of Humphrey's Gap. They have proposed various designs and appear keen in their publicty material to want to provide major benefits to the local communuty. As the adjacent artist's impressions show a slipway would fit neatly into the development and is technically possible.

There is strong local support for slipway and recently an online petition gathered over 350 signatures from local people. The Shoreham Port Authority is supportive of our aims as are the local WSCC Councillors.

What can you do to help?

The SSG welcomes support. If you live within Adur District Council then contacting you local Councillor and asking what they are doing to promote a replacement slipway would be a good starting point. Follow the link to find your Councillor:

You are welcome to contact the SSG:

Artist's impressions showing how a slipway would fit into the proposed development at Humphrey's Gap

The images were created, for the SSG, by Mike Whelan.
Shoreham Slipways Group Images
Shoreham Slipways Group Images

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